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Dan Specializes In Getting Your Home Sold

Less Stress By Being Prepared and Experienced in Preventing Real Estate Hurdles

Exceptional Negotiator, You Want Dan On Your Side

Dedicated to Professionalism 

Pricing -  Preparation - Proper Marketing

Highest and Best Price For Your Home Fast

Service Scale that Saves You Time And Money

Communications Guarantee

Yes! Dan can provide financial assistance to prepare your home for sale.

No Surprises! You will Not Be Taken Advantage Of, 

Everything Is Discussed and

Agreed To In Advance!


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Dan Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz has been selling real estate since 1981 and sold over 1,000 homes. He has a vast amount of experience in selling and renovating properties. He has been hired to sell properties owned by some of the largest lenders in our country including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citi Bank, Bank of America, General Electric, GE, Mortgage Insurance Companies and many more. He has been known as an expert negotiator.


Daniel has years of knowledge preparing houses for sale to get the most money for the seller at closing. He has managed and overseen renovations and approved contractor bids and payments for over 300 renovations for his corporate clients and private clients.  The scope of work may just be simple paint and carpet and trash outs to replacing kitchens, bathrooms plumbing, septic systems and leech fields, major termite repairs, roofing and more. The corporate clients were not on site and trusted Daniel to obtain bids for client approvals, award the jobs, follow up on the work being performed and approve the work for payment while the clients never saw the property.

Since he sold over 1,000 home he has a proven skill of how to market the property an attract the best buyer for your property that meets your needs. In most cases that is to get the highest amount of money in the shortest time.

When the economy crashed CitiBank hired Daniel has to teach and hire agents throughout the country his skills so that they could get their homes sold for the highest dollars in the shortest time period. They also referred him to some of the other corporate clients listed above to do the same for him.

 He has managed real estate operations for Century 21, ReMax and his own operations.

Daniels negotiation have helped dozens of people in financial trouble keep their home by offering his free Home Loan Modification Program. This Free service kept many homeowners in their home where they are today. His belief in the value of homeownership and work ethic is why people are in their homes today.

His 35 years of management of his team of administrators, lawyers, contractors, engineers, title insurers, home stagers, and home inspectors pest inspectors all contribute to the benefit of Daniels clients.


Why pick Daniel to help you with your Estate?



We have included his resume for your review.

Clients have said;

-“ When Dan represented me he is like a Pitbull in negotiations and is always  trustworthy. “

-"He treats our interests as if they were his own”

-"His policy is to get the client what they want and never leave any money on the table -makes him a trusted fiduciary."

Many clients want to sell the homes as-is and want a quick sale for cash he has investors that can close the deal quickly. Recently he found a buyer who looked at the property on a Friday and closed escrow on the following Wednesday to avoid a foreclosure. Both the seller and the buyer were really grateful Dan knew how to pull it off.

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