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********** Ten Stars!!**********

Bay Areas Top Agent

Top Producer 1%

Best of Coldwell Banker

I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for all of the work Dan Moskowitz put into helping  us stay in our home, at no cost to us for his services! I was skeptical when I heard he would help us for free, I knew there must be a catch or something in it for him.

We are happy to say that Dan guided us through the process of modifying our home loan successfully. His understanding of the processes and how to get the bank to agree to work with us was invaluable.  He called the banks, helped us organize and submit our paperwork, followed up with the bank relentlessly. In fact, I think the bank approved our modification just to get Dan to stop calling them!

 Honestly, we are very relieved and thankful for his efforts. He did not charge us for any of this. Dan is an upstanding professional that does what he says and his entire team really cares about helping people stay in their homes. I highly recommend Dan to anyone that is in my situation or is wanting to sell or purchase real estate. His knowledge and guidance will be to your benefit.



Austine & Grace Ohwobete

756 Begonia Drive

San Leandro, Ca 94578



I would like to share my experience of working with Dan Moskowitz.  This year was going down as the worst year in our family’s history. Mom was sick and we knew it was incurable. Our family home was in foreclosure and our stress level was so heightened that when Dan left his package on our door, we called, feeling like we were grasping at straws.

 We met Dan in June. When you meet Dan, he tells you exactly how he can help you.  His confidence gave us a little hope to hear him tell us he could help us stay and keep our home. We didn’t think he understood how our medical bills were piling up and we had a mountain of bills from the bank we threw in a drawer without opening. We had a forclosure sale date just two weeks away.

   Nonetheless, we listened to Dan, gave him all of the paperwork he told us he would need. Dan had us file for bankruptcy to delay the sale.  Dan would not submit our modification paperwork until we had it completed to his satisfaction.  He submitted the modification package to the bank.

  Mom died at the end of July. In the midst of our grief, Dan called to tell us our modification was approved and we would be able to keep our house, with payments that we could afford. We were in disbelief and incredibly relieved.

  I encourage you if you are having a hardship with your home, call Dan. He absolutely will help you.  He was an absolute blessing in the midst of our most difficult time. We can not thank him enough. He did all of this without charging us even a dollar.

 Thank you Dan.

Sabrina Rocha and Family

Campbell, California


We can not say Thank You enough to Dan for how he helped our family get our home sold fast and for more than we expected. We were struggling to stay in the Bay Area and did not have the means to put a new roof on our home before listing the home. Our old wood shingle roof was the neighborhood eyesore and we knew it would not get the best price for our home because of this.

 Dan came, had the new roof on in just one week while his team helped prepare the inside of the house. We had our home ready to list and our first open house within 2 weeks! Our home sold fast way above asking price.  My family was able to buy a new home just a little farther south and we are so happy we made this move.

 Dan is reliable and he did exactly what he told us he would do. He is knowledgeable and we would recommend him to everyone.

Angelica and Michael Thompson

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